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Sublisplash-Sublimationstinte für Epson EcoTank (ET)-Serie
Sublisplash-Sublimationstinte für Epson EcoTank (ET)-SerieSublisplash-Sublimationstinte für Epson EcoTank (ET)-SerieSublisplash-Sublimationstinte für Epson EcoTank (ET)-SerieSublisplash-Sublimationstinte für Epson EcoTank (ET)-SerieSublisplash-Sublimationstinte für Epson EcoTank (ET)-Serie

Developed and manufactured in the EU, Sublisplash® delivers high definition vibrant colours and outstanding performance, taking creative imaging to the next level.

Sublisplash® is available with ICC colour profile management.

  • High Definition Performance  

  • Vibrant Colours

  • Incredibly Deep Black

  • Exceptional Value for Money

  • Unrivalled Technical Support

  • Reliable & Stable Ink

  • DetailS

Sublisplash® ist eine neue digitale Farbstoffsublimationstinte für professionelle Anwender.

Da der heutige Markt eine stabile und zuverlässige Sublimationstinte verlangt, die jedes Mal funktioniert, haben wir nun das Vergnügen, Ihnen die fortschrittlichste Desktop-Lösung anbieten zu können.

Sublisplash® liefert eine hochauflösende Leistung und lebendige Farben und hebt die kreative Bildbearbeitung auf die nächste Stufe.

Unsere unterstützten Druckermodelle sind die ET-2700/2750 und ET-7750.

Sublisplash®-Flaschen enthalten 80 ml Tinte und sind mit einem fortschrittlichen ICC-Farbprofilmanagement für unsere unterstützten Drucker ausgestattet.

All Sublisplash ink is clearly labelled with a ‘use by’ date which is typically 18 months from manufacture. This does not mean that the inks will suddenly stop working beyond that date, however, if they are left unused for 18 months there is the risk that the ink components may start to separate, and the print quality may be affected. 


“We were in the fortunate position to be the first dealer of Sublisplash in the UK and when we began testing we were blown away by the vibrancy of the colours and especially with the deep rich blacks we were able to achieve with the product. (Something we had been unable to get close to using the other small format dye sub inks available).

The simple colour management can be easily implemented into any workflow and we have had great results doing this in both a small-scale hobby and craft settings all the way through to professional production environments. The feedback we have had from our customers has been incredible, since we jumped on board with Sublisplash we have never looked back.”

Adam Henderson
Technical Lead
Dye Sub
limation Supplies

"Excellent high quality inks that work every time!

Very good technical support. Our customers are always happy with the inks and printers."

Mijodrag Samardzija 
Mincom d.o.o.

"The main advantage is the ink quality and the fact that it is made in Germany.

It's a strong priority that the ink comes from Europe for reliablity and reassurance to our customers."