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Here are some of our most common questions, answered!


What printers do you support?

We support all printers in the market that are currently used for sublimation printing from the Epson & Ricoh product range, this also includes SG400 & SG800 printers. We are constantly introducing new models into the marketplace focusing on advances in printer technology. For a list of printers we support please visit our Products page or Downloads page; your printer is supported if there is a colour profile listed. Please Contact Us for more information.

Does Sublisplash ink have a shelf life?

All Sublisplash ink is clearly labelled with a ‘use by’ date which is typically 18 months from manufacture. This does not mean that the inks will suddenly stop working beyond that date, however, if they are left unused for 18 months there is the risk that the ink components may start to separate, and the print quality may be affected. 

Can I distribute Sublisplash inks?

We are always looking for new distributors in unrepresented territories.

If you are a current user or reseller of dye sublimation ink we would consider your application on merit alone, however, If you are new to sublimation a visit from a field sales rep will be required before becoming part of the Sublisplash family.

What technical support do you offer?

Full & ongoing technical support is available by phone or email. Whether you’re a beginner, or a seasoned users of dye sublimation, we are on hand to help you efficiently and professionally. Our technical support team comprises colleagues that have been working with sublimation technology for over 20 years, and who are experienced in supporting global distributors and end users alike, and all with dedication, enthusiasm and thoroughness. The array of technical support available to you includes email, phone, documentation and video tutorials.

Does Sublisplash ink come with colour profiles?

Yes. All our inks come with a colour correction profile for whichever printer you are using. If you are buying cartridges from us the profile and all of the instructions will be available to you from the Downloads page of the Sublisplash website. If you are purchasing bottled inks, Contact Us first to make sure we support the printer you intend to use them with; we have a wide range of profiles available for many printers using bulk inks.

What conditions should Sublisplash ink be stored in?

As long as cartridges or bottles are factory sealed they can be stored for long periods in cool dry conditions.
Avoid temperatures above 40°C and below 5°C.
Do not freeze.